IceWarp Server Version 9. Secure Mail Server
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You can build your business on IceWarp eMail Server

Since 1999, many of the world's most successful companies have relied on IceWarp Email Server software.
That's over 100,000 installations with 50 million end users across 37 countries!
  • IceWarp Email Server Supports all standards compliant email clients, including Outlook, Mozilla, Entourage, The Bat!,..
  • Easy to setup and maintain, reliable in the long run and affordable for any organization
  • Intelligent architecture ensures graceful scaling from single server for small businesses to load balanced multi-server or unified multi-location deployments
  • Modular design provides maximum flexibility with optional add-ons for the most demanding usage

Email Server
Outlook Sync
FTP Server
Web Mail Server
Phone Sync
Web Server
CalDAV Server
Mail Server Migration
Messaging Server
Log Analyzer
VoIP Server
SMS Server
Synchronize & backup Outlook data
with IceWarp Outlook Connector

  • Work off-line and sync when back on-line or on schedule
  • Manage your account from Outlook: Passwords, Rules, Forwarder, Responder
  • Access the same data via Outlook and IceWarp WebMail
  • Synchronize Contacts, Tasks, Notes, Calendars, Events, Journals, Reminders, Files and more
  • Point-and-click VoIP calling directly from contacts

Transfer & synchronize large files
with IceWarp integrated FTP Server

  • One click deployment with accounts, groups and policies already established on email server
  • Automatic folder synchronization with scheduling
  • SSL secured, one-time passwords, multiple FTP hosts, aliases
  • Directory aliases variables for user's home folder, quota and bandwidth throttling

Web 2.0 Internet Application
Discover the new generation of IceWarp WebMail Pro

  • Full integration with IceWarp Email Server
  • Web 2.0 technology - the latest in AJAX technology ensuring security email communication while consuming minimal server resources
  • Intuitive and simple design feels like Outlook and gives end user abilities to easily filter spam
  • Seamless GroupWare integration for access to shared Events, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, Journals, Distribution Lists and Files

Synchronize your cell phone, handheld or smartphone
with SyncML Server for GroupWare

  • Works with all PDA models running Windows Mobile and mobile phones with native SyncML, such as Nokia, Motorola, Sony-Ericsson and other
  • Wireless synchronization directly with the GroupWare Server, no middleware
  • Synchronize Email, Calendars, Tasks, Notes, Contacts, Journals, Files & more

Host your own web site & PHP applications
with IceWarp WebServer

  • High performance and easy to use, "Apache power with IIS interface", PHP5 preinstalled
  • Run PHP based applications such as Wiki, forums, intranets, CRM..
  • Host multiple websites on a single IP
  • Run IIS/Apache simultaneously on the same server
  • HTTP Proxy, SSL security, WebDAV, W3C logging, extensive URI rewrite rules & much more

Experience life without spam
with IceWarp Anti-Spam

  • Fully integrated with IceWarp Email Server - more than 20 powerful technogies ensures the highest degree of accuracy with minimal false positives
  • Spam Folder, Quarantine and E-mail Reporting provides end users with full control over manual, semi-automatic or user-driven spam management
  • Extensive AutoWhitelisting for highest protection level without sacrificing accuracy

Unleash full power of cross-platform PIM applications
with IceWarp CalDAV Server

  • Access GroupWare with any CalDAV compliant client- Sunbird, Lightning, Evolution, Kontact
  • View multiple calendars at once, events, recurrencies, exceptions, alarms, attendees, attachements, URLs
  • Groups can subscribe to shared folder and coordinate through FreeBusy planning
  • Public folders can be accessed by anybody with email account

Easily migrate accounts & email to IceWarp eMail Server
with the universal Migration Tool

  • No need to know usernames or passwords with IceWarp Smart-proxy technology
  • Universal migration from any 3rd party email server
  • Unique IceWarp Smart-proxy approach ensuring zero downtime
  • Transfers logins, passwords, mailboxes
  • In full production and transparently to users
  • Manual and batch migration mode option
  • No more export-import hassle

Remove threat of viruses at server level
with IceWarp integrated Anti-Virus

  • High speed, multi-threaded and fully integrated with IceWarp Email Server utilizing the award winning Avast! antivirus engine
  • On-server virus quarantine ensures complete isolation from end users and server operating system
  • AutoUpdate technology ensures up-to-the-minute updates of antivirus engine and virus definitions

Instantly improve collaboration and productivity
with IceWarp Instant Messaging Server

  • Full XMPP/Jabber compatibility, wide choice of IM clients
  • Server-to-server connectivity for multi-location offices
  • SSL/TLS security, public server connectivity, chat archive
  • Gateway transport to AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ, GoogleTalk
  • Integration with GroupWare: event reminders, upcoming tasks, events, notes, including shared items
  • Service status monitoring, conditioned email delivery

Visualize server activity and get daily traffic overviews
with the dedicated IceWarp Log Analyzer

  • Statistics analysis tool for email traffic monitoring
  • Analyze SMTP, POP3, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam logs
  • Customizable database searches for specific events
  • For troubleshooting and prevention of emergency situations
  • Everyday tool to improve system efficiency
  • Automated daily email report
  • Viewer for access to statistics from any Windows computer

Share Address Books, Calendars, Tasks, Notes, Folders
using IceWarp GroupWare Server

  • Professional database SQL DB storage
  • On-line access via WebMail GroupWare integration
  • Outlook Connector provides full synchronization with Microsoft Outlook
  • SyncML synchronization to handhelds, cell phones and smartphones
  • CalDAV synchronization to Mozilla Lightning and web calendars
  • An affordable and easily maintained alternative to Microsoft Exchange

Lower your telco costs
with IceWarp VoIP Telephony Server

  • Skype-like communication for employees or customers
  • Based on SIP protocol, compatible with most softphones and hardware VoIP phones, audio codec independent
  • Direct dial from WebMail and Outlook Connector, no drivers required
  • Free calls between networks, firewall & router friendly using NAT Traversal
  • PSTN and mobile network connectivity via carrier's gateways with extensive call-forwarding rules

Send and receive SMS from email client
with IceWarp SMS Server

  • Seamlessly bridges email and SMS
  • Email notifications, event reminders, watchdogs
  • International character sets are fully supported
  • GSM modems, gateways and SMS providers compatible
  • For development of mobile extensions to web applications
  • Required for SyncML SMS Push (instant updates)



  • Cost Effective
  • Powerful WebMail
  • Easy to configure
  • Campus-wide VoIP
  • Award-Winning AntiVirus
  • More: K-12 | Universities


  • Radically Simplified IT
  • Full Messaging Suite
  • Spam & Virus Protection
  • Mobile Workforce Ready
  • Full Collaboration
  • More: Enterprise

Data Centers

  • Radical Stability
  • Unlimited Domains/Users
  • Blazing Speed
  • High Availability
  • Secure / Scalable
  • More: Data Centers
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