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Since 1999

Development started in early 1999 by Jakub Klos who continues to hold the position of IceWarp CTO and Lead Systems Architect today. Originaly established as Merak Mail Server under the Merak brand name, the product immediately drew global attention from ISPs and other international businesses for its ease of use, price-to-performance ratio, exceptional stability and reliability. This lead to foundation of IceWarp early in 2001.

Technology Leadership

IceWarp has maintained a technology leadership by continuing to advance the server product through many industry-firsts, conducting development of all mail servers especially in security, keeping all-in-one approach and envisioning new trends in technology.

  • First mail server supporting SSL
  • First mail server with webmail
  • First WAP interface for mobile access to email
  • First integrated multi-threaded antivirus
  • First integrated antispam
  • First GroupWare with API (ODBC based)
  • First mail server to integrate FTP
  • More "firsts" coming soon...


Full utilization of an Electronic Software Distribution model makes for a global coverage, immediate availability of new releases, patch versions and public Betas. IceWarp operates world-wide through a network of distribution partners located in more than 20 countries and Value Added Resellers located literally in every country of the world. In the last years IceWarp has strengthened its position in the Americas and Europe, and has expanded to Asia in its mission to support business without frontiers. A list of global partners can be found at www.icewarp.com/partners.

Release History

Version Release Date Feature Cornerstones
2.10.105     05/01/1999         First public release
3.00.100 11/23/2000 ODBC support, WebMail for MS Mobile Explorer and Nokia WAP Toolkit 2.0
4.00.30 07/15/2001 SSL/TLS, LDAP server, Intrusion Prevention, System backup tool
5.1.2 09/11/2002 IMAP shared folders, Integrated Anti-Virus, Content Filtering
6.0.3 07/15/2003 Integrated Anti-Spam, Instant Messaging, HTTP Tunnel, WebMail skins, LDAP shared folders
7.0.1 11/12/2003 GroupWare with Outlook integration, S/MIME
7.2.0 01/29/2004 SpamAssassin, Challenge Response
7.4.2 03/31/2004 Active Directory integration, COM object API
7.6.4 11/13/2004 SURBL, password policies, Remote server watchdog, nested GroupWare folders
8.0.0 02/03/2005 Administration interfaces revamped, on-line monitoring and statistics, command line control, web server with proxy, FTP server
8.2.0 06/29/2005 Linux port release
8.3.0 11/07/2005 SNMP, SPF and SRS, DomainKeys, SMTP greeting delay, greylisting, distributed domains
8.3.8 01/09/2006 Session monitoring, public GroupWare folders, email archivation tool, performance enhancements
8.5.0 05/29/2006 IM transports, email push via IMAP IDLE, Free/Busy publishing, group accounts, RSET protection, content indexing
8.9.1 12/23/2006 Active Directory sync, remote API, DB migration, spam quarantine w/ reports, MDA processing queues, multiple RBLs, Razor2
9.0.0 08/04/2007 AJAX WebMail, VoIP, SyncML synchronization, CalDAV sharing support, Unicode, DKIM, integration of GroupWare and email XMPP transport
9.1.0 09/17/2007 WebMail Pro full-text search, drag&drop, IM presence history, SQL DB support via PDO, SyncML 1.2, emulated Administration GUI
9.2.1 04/18/2008 3 brand new modules: SMS Gateway, Anti-Spam LIVE service based on Commtouch technology, SyncML Push for Windows Mobile handhelds with Funambol
9.3.1 08/06/2008 iPhone WebMail skin, SyncML Push for Nokia, built-in Log Analyzer, PHP 5.2.6 FastCGI multi-process engine with automatic PHP recovery
9.4.0 12/19/2008 IceWarp Server version 9.4 is fully based on the well tested 9.x branch and brings exactly 200 bugs and improvements that users and administrators have been asking for