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MS Windows 2000, 2003, 2008 Server/Workstation, XP, Vista compatible


IceWarp Server
Name Version Description Size Download
IceWarp Server for Windows - English version 9.4.2 All-in-one self-extracting installer package for new installation, upgrade or demo.
Includes all available server modules:
Email Server, WebMail, Anti-Spam, On-server Anti-Virus, GroupWare Server, Instant Messaging Server, VoIP Telephony Server, SyncML Server, SMS Server, CalDAV Server, Web Server, FTP Server, Server Migration Tool, Log Analyzer.

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65.7MB Download

Client Software
Name Version Description Size Download
IceWarp Outlook Connector 9.4.2 Enables full synchronization of MS Outlook (2000, XP, 2003 & 2007) and IceWarp GroupWare Server. 5.9MB Download
Remote Administration Console 9.4.2 Remote Administration console dedicated to remote setup/maintenance of IceWarp Server. 10 MB Download
Instant Messenger Client 0.11 Psi Jabber client 5.5MB Download

Migration Tools
Name Version Description Size Download
IceWarp Exchange Migration Tool - public beta 9.2.0 Exchange Migration Tool simplifies migration from Exchange server to IceWarp eMail server. 2.1MB Download

Nightly Builds*
Name Version Description Size Download
IceWarp eMail Server * The latest IceWarp eMail Server version testing build. 41.6MB Download
Remote Administration Console * Remote Administration console for setup and maintenance of the latest Windows/Linux nightly build. 4.5MB Download

Important Notice
*Nightly builds have not been properly tested and therefore are not fit for in-production servers (unless instructed otherwise by support staff) or whenever stability is a concern. Reverting to official release may involve additional configuration steps. When requesting support, include the full version number incl. release date. Limited support level applies.