IceWarp Flex Pay

Flex Pay Application

We created IceWarp Flex Pay as the answer to your budget concerns. Even though IceWarp Server already has a profoundly low TCO, we wanted to do more by offering low monthly payments to help companies better manage their CAPEX.

Our Flex Pay program is based upon a sliding scale of need. Choose the plan that best meets your situation and implement the best messaging solution on the market in an affordable manner.

When you combine our renowned software suite, expert support contracts, superior professional services, and this new progressive payment program - your path is clear.

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Flex Pay Details

With Flex Pay, you'll have the enterprise-grade messaging solution your business needs - and keep it within your IT budget.

Don't pay for licensing, support and professional services up-front, when you're probably better off distributing the cost over 12 months.

Flex Pay plans are carefully designed, each with a sliding scale to meet every need. Simply fill out the one-page Flex Pay application and choose the software or service that meets your business needs.

IceWarp Flex Pay can be used for software & support services with a combined value of $2,000 or more and requires nothing more than a small initial payment the first month. The balance is spread over the remaining 11 month period. Multi-year licensing up to 3 years is still available however, the payment is still spread over the first 12 month period.

Example Flex Pay Payment Matrix

Example 1: IceWarp Flex Pay Software Matrix - The following example estimates payments for an Enterprise, Professional or Standard Unlimited User Package based on a Flexpay term of 12 months. This includes free upgrades for the entire course of the term including minor and major upgrades.


Example 2: IceWarp Flex Pay Software + Support Matrix - The following example is an estimate for an unlimited Enterprise, Professional, or Standard IceWarp Server package with 1 year of Teir 1 Support, based on a Flexpay term of 12 months.

IceWarp Flex Pay can be used for any mix of software and support.

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