IceWarp for Data Centers

A data center has distinct messaging needs, and the solution must be comprehensive, finely honed and steadfast. System architecture must be designed to provide high availability; it must support multiple load balancing scenarios, prioritize scalability and security, and offer a rich set of features that can be provisioned into end-user services. What's more, all of this power must lend itself to fast, easy and intuitive administration.

At its conception, IceWarp Server was engineered for data centers. Whether the venture is an ISP, a hosting provider, a telecom or a website development company, IceWarp Server provides users with an array of reliable, secure, highly customizable services.

IceWarp Server Provides:

  • Ironclad Port Security - IceWarp Server will protect your infrastructure with robust data encryption and decryption, password catching, denial of service defenses, anti-bombing defenses, anti-spoofing defenses, anti-relaying defenses, and intrusion defense.
  • Robust Email Encryption - By using personal certificates, the end user's data will remain secure, point-to-point. IceWarp Email Server will be the core of your messaging solution.
  • Advanced Protection with Anti Spam LIVE Service - IceWarp uses Commtouch's radical real-time antispam technology to ensure that spam identification is 98 percent accurate.
  • Progressive Anti Virus Protection - Avast! is one of the most respected antivirus engines on the market. This multi-threaded solution by Alwil Software ensures low latency to traffic, leverages both heuristic- and signature-based technologies, is ICSA-certified and is regularly awarded VB100% by Virus Bulletin.
  • One-Click Backup & Restore - IceWarp was the first messaging solution on the market to offer a backup & recovery option with the click of a single button. If your system crashes for any reason, the data can be reconstituted easily, quickly, and with minimal downtime.
  • Multiple Load Balancing Scenarios - IceWarp Server supports many load balancing setups, providing data centers with progressive stability, flexibility, efficiency and maximum uptime.
  • Dynamic, Secure and Stable WebMail, with Instant Messaging Integration Based upon the latest technologies, IceWarp WebMail remains the best solution on the market. IceWarp WebMail's design is highly intuitive and logical, ensuring that users turn to it for anywhere, anytime access.
  • Cost-Effective VoIP - VoIP provides users with valuable telecommunications while reducing cost and overhead.
  • Fully Integrated GroupWare - IceWarp Groupware provides users with anywhere-anytime access to their important information. In addition, GroupWare enables information, coordination and collaboration between individuals and workgroups.
  • Easy Administration through API - System administration is made easier with IceWarp's API. With IceWarp's API tool.exe, the data center can universally manage multiple domains, accounts, groups and users.
  • Easy Migration through IceWarp's Universal Migration Tool - For close to a decade, data centers have been migrating to IceWarp Server simply, quickly, with no downtime and no disruption to traffic. This includes accounts, passwords, and mailboxes.
  • Support for Unlimited Domains - Includes support for domain aliases, sub-domain handling, ATRN/ETRN Queue Client/Server, domain templates, one IP address for multiple domains or Domain IP logical binding to multiple IPs, domain listing and management options, domain administrators, archive incoming/all by copy/move/to mailbox, definable unknown users handling, domain-specific header and footer (HTML/text), DomainPOP with Smart Sorting.
  • Support for Special Account Types - IceWarp Server gives data centers power and flexibility by supporting multiple account types, including moderated list servers, public accounts and groups. The platform stores data either in a caching file system or in a database, allowing data centers to host tens of thousands of accounts per server.
  • Unprecedented Extensibility Options.
  • Detailed Logging - IceWarp Server provides the strongest logging for a server, creating logs for every service, as well as server error logs. Track activity, causes of delivery failure, spam and hijacking attempts, and more.
  • Many Customizable Options.
  • Other Modules and Features, Including - CalDAV server, SyncML, Web Server, FTP Server and SMS Gateway.

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