Remaining Safe & Secure

Beneath IceWarp Server's powerful, feature-rich Messaging engine, are the layers and layers of security that schools need in today's dangerous online environment.

IceWarp Anti Spam LIVE

IceWarp Anti Spam LIVE protects sensitive user and school information, as well as the system infrastructure. The IceWarp Anti Spam LIVE Service is the first dual protection anti-spam solution on the market. IceWarp Anti Spam LIVE (Live Identification and Verification Engine) is multi-layered, bringing together the existing power of the standard IceWarp Anti Spam Engine and entirely new methods in fighting spam.

The result is near perfection in spam identification.

IceWarp Anti Spam LIVE provides zero hour outbreak protection, combating spam the minute an outbreak occurs and providing an additional level of accuracy insurance. System identification accuracy will never fall below an acceptable level even if the system is improperly configured at the administrative level.

IceWarp Anti Virus

IceWarp Anti Virus protects user and school information, as well as the system infrastructure.

Enjoy the protection of two award-winning solutions.

Avast! is on guard.

This well-respected and award-winning antivirus engine from Alwil Software is a comprehensive high-performance virus management solution. It has a multi-threaded engine to ensure low latency to traffic, and leverages both heuristic- and signature-based technologies, scanning all common file formats. ICSA-certified, the product is regularly awarded VB100% by Virus Bulletin.

Zero Hour Protection

Customers utilizing the optional IceWarp Anti-Spam LIVE online service also get zero hour virus outbreak protection. RPD identifies emerging malware according to typical outbreak patterns. This ensures that email from new virus sources are rejected, providing a much faster response than any current anti-virus solution on the market today.

Real-Time Protection

Incremental updates are at the heart of protecting your system. Subscribers receive the latest in real-time protection from a network of servers spread throughout the world. Updates are encrypted and triggered whenever the administrator receives a specially formatted early warning email.

IceWarp's Anti-virus Solution Offers:

  • Script blocking
  • Compressed files scanning
  • Attachment stripping
  • Keyword and extension based file blocking
  • Limited repair and recovery
  • Quarantine folder on server
  • Flexible whitelisting options
  • Options for a complementary external scanner
  • Allows spyware protection or redundant AV scanner
  • HTTP Proxy screening
  • 1-year subscription to real-time AutoUpdate included.

Secure Communication Ports

In addition, IceWarp locks down all communications ports, defending your system from a number of intruder attacks.

Protection includes:

  • Data Encryption and Decryption
  • Password Catching
  • Denial of Service Protection
  • Anti-Bombing Protection
  • Anti-Spoofing Protection
  • Anti-Relaying Protection
  • Intrusion Protection


Download a FREE 30-day fully functional trial of the revolutionary IceWarp Server right now. It only takes 5 minutes to install and can be tested in a fully operational mode on your desktop, production server -- even your laptop.