More Features

IceWarp Web Server

IceWarp Web Server is easy to install and is used primarily for serving WebMail. It can handle 1000s of active users with frequent page refreshes.

With the latest technologies such as AJAX, you will find WebMail extremely valuable. It is a professional, extremely reliable and useful tool that you will turn to more and more.

IceWarp CalDAV

Never before have Open Source email clients had such power and versatility. With IceWarp CalDAV, users will be able to transform PIM applications. Turn open source email clients into powerful and versatile PIM applications and unlock GroupWare's potential with the various calendaring applications. IceWarp CalDAV offers wide compatibility, through an integration of WebDAV, GroupDAV and CalDAV protocols, and enormous technological innovation.

IceWarp FTP Server

IceWarp FTP Server is standards-compliant and SSL-secured, offering superior performance. In addition, it takes advantage of user access groups and policies already established in IceWarp eMail Server.

Instantly deploy the FTP Server and divide existing users into groups. Then provide them with access rights to defined folders.

Data center administrators will appreciate the Auto-Sync feature that is built into the FTP Server. They will love the server's scheduling features, which will enable them to specify the timing of file transfers, and keep data uniform across cluster and swap logs.

All of your school's important information will be easily archived and backed up to remote storage via the IceWarp FTP Server.

IceWarp SyncML Server

IceWarp SyncML Server put all of your important information into your PDA and smartphone, including your school's Calendars, Tasks, Notes, Contacts, Files and Journals.

Migration Tool

If you're coming from another server, IceWarp's FREE Universal Server Migration Tool will be one of the most valuable assets to your school's messaging.

There won't even be any downtime while you migrate your systems to IceWarp. Instead, you will be able to transfer accounts, passwords and mailboxes with absolutely no disruption to traffic. Not a single message will slip through or be delayed in the migration process.

Lastly, say goodbye to the classic import-export hassle, because IceWarp eliminates it.


Download a FREE 30-day fully functional trial of the revolutionary IceWarp Server right now. It only takes 5 minutes to install and can be tested in a fully operational mode on your desktop, production server -- even your laptop.