IceWarp Engages Students

Bring students into the loop -- and they'll succeed.

All too often, students are kept on the fringes of their own education. Many schools attempt to correct this by providing them with some tools of modern society. Perhaps your classrooms are equipped with computers. Perhaps your students have access to valuable research material via the Internet.

But are your students communicating online?

Are they collaborating online?

Are they staying in contact with their teachers?

IceWarp gives them these abilities -- and provides the safety and security you expect from the process.

Don't let the Internet remain a static environment for your students. Incorporate IceWarp into the curriculum, and watch students increase the bar of success.

Student Collaboration

With IceWarp, student collaboration finally hits the mark. The Messaging platform creates the environment, students become motivated -- and at last, there are tangible tools that coordinate, organize and engage every member of the group. The teacher can assign tasks and monitor student progress using IceWarp's Calendaring and Tasks.

Team members can even continue working from home, using IceWarp's 24/7 remote access.

Student Teleconferencing

With VoIP, students can teleconference with students across the country or around the globe.

Student Portfolios

When students maintain growing portfolios of their work, they achieve true mastery and teachers are able to evaluate progress more effectively.

Use IceWarp Server to optimize the opportunities afforded by this valuable learning model. Teachers can provide each student with a folder on the system. The student can then access the folder in order to update their work. Finally, once the teacher is prepared to evaluate the portfolio, they can restrict student access and move forward with the evaluation.

Adherence to Schedules & Tasks

IceWarp keeps your students informed with universal, group and personal calendars. Important tasks, events, exams, deadlines, holidays and appointments will remain at their fingertips via 24/7 remote access.

Communication between Students & Teachers

Students who need additional instruction or simply need to clarify an aspect of an assignment, can email the teacher using IceWarp WebMail.

If the teacher discovers that the point of confusion is widespread, he or she can clear things up by contacting all students with a single email. In addition, the teacher can provide a clarification to the Task itself.

Security & Safety

Students need access to email for academic purposes.

However, unless you provide them with a safe and secure Messaging hub, they will venture out onto the web -- and quite possibly put themselves, your school data, and your infrastructure at risk.

IceWarp integrates multiple Anti Spam and Anti Virus technologies, and protects your system against intrusion at all communication ports.


Download a FREE 30-day fully functional trial of the revolutionary IceWarp Server right now. It only takes 5 minutes to install and can be tested in a fully operational mode on your desktop, production server -- even your laptop.