IceWarp Empowers Teachers

Teaching requires the very best in communication and organization. Still, each year, Educators express concern that there isn't enough time to get everything done.

IceWarp empowers teachers.

A) Getting a Handle on Student Progress

IceWarp makes it possible for teachers to offer a winning solution to every student.

Deliver Organized Lesson Units

IceWarp provides the structure that teachers need in order to implement their dynamic and fluid ideas.

Inspiration is only part of the picture. With IceWarp, teachers can

  • Organize lesson units into workable day-to-day lessons
  • Upload essential documents
  • Create Tasks for themselves and students
  • Manage Notes

All of these IceWarp features, plus others, are available in the same workspace -- whether in Microsoft Outlook, a web browser or a PDA.

Create & Implement Individualized Instruction

Keeping records of student progress is difficult. The work they produce is continuous, as is student evaluation. It's difficult for any teacher to manage all of it under the most ideal of conditions. However, as modern instruction pushes more and more towards the creation of Individualized Instruction -- comprehensive, concise and flexible tools must be brought to bear on the process.

IceWarp steps up.

  • Teachers can create multiple pacing calendars, each unique to individual students or clusters of students
  • Using a flexible Folder Tree, teachers can create scaffolding schemes for identified students
  • Teachers can create libraries of information, and provide access to indentified students with distinct needs
  • Using WebMail with GroupWare, teachers can work collaboratively to develop a teaching strategy for identified students

IceWarp Server makes it possible for teachers to access this information 24x7.

Since much of this data is sensitive, those with administrative oversight can provide appropriate Access Rights to approved individuals.

In addition, folders can be created, deleted, moved, expanded, renamed and reclassified as the teacher needs. IceWarp makes the task of creating individualized learning strategies coherent and organized.

Import Digitalized Student Portfolios

Teachers can easily import and manage digitalized student portfolios with IceWarp.

  • Teachers can create Portfolio folders and give Access Rights to each respective student
  • Teachers can append comments to student work and provide an overall assessment

Stay Organized with Personal Tasks

Since the workflow never ends, teachers need to stay organized. IceWarp provides the tools necessary for keeping all the information orderly and well managed.

By creating personal Tasks, nothing will slip away from the teacher. Each Task can be assigned a due date; in addition, the teacher can attach related documents to the Task, and can instruct IceWarp to send personal reminders at pre-determined times.

Keep Students Organized & On Track with Student Tasks

Students will never again lose the due date for an assignment. Teachers can create Tasks for individual students, groups of students, or all students. Each Task includes an area for instructions and a due date. In addition, each Task provides the teacher with the option of attaching related documents and the power to send scheduled reminders to students via email.

Maintain Organized and Secure Grade Records

Teachers no longer need to worry about losing their grade book. With IceWarp, they can store grade records digitally, and access them anywhere/anytime.

Stay Organized with Calendaring

Teachers keep themselves and students on top of things with IceWarp's Calendaring, Note Taking, and Journal features.

Your Data is Safe and Secure!

IceWarp uses the best multi-layered real-time Anti Virus and Anti Spam protection. In addition, every port and service is protected against intruder attacks.

B) Fostering Communication between Departments

Limited time makes it difficult for teachers of different departments to work in tandem. IceWarp provides the solution, by giving teachers the tools to communicate, coordinate and collaborate.

Develop Interdisciplinary Connections

Your school district has been asking you to find ways of integrating the curriculum.

IceWarp is the perfect tool to foster not only connecting points across the curriculum, but an entire interdisciplinary program of study.

Even though teachers meet throughout the month, there never seems to be enough time for them to develop the kind of powerful and integrated curriculum they know they are capable of.

IceWarp now makes that possible.

  • WebMail keeps the exchange of ideas flowing between professionals
  • Shared Calendaring makes it possible for departments to keep up with one another
  • Shared Files are perfect for departments to maintain a library that is valuable to all. Upload lesson plans, literature, support materials, school-based documentation, etc. IceWarp can keep it all available until it is no longer needed. Schools can even share the wealth by designating some folders to be Student-Accessible.

Create Professional Cohesion

More and more, teachers find themselves working in isolation from one another. With IceWarp WebMail and GroupWare, gaps will be closed and your staff will not be fragmented.

Coordinate Activities

Schools are busy places, but IceWarp enables coordination between individuals, departments and groups, via the platform's universal Calendaring feature.

C) Ensure Smooth & Successful Extra-Curricular Activities

The need for communication and coordination is not isolated to the academic schedule. Even extracurricular activities can tap into the resources provided by IceWarp.

Coordination between Clubs

Schools are becoming congested communities. Student population is increasing -- and with it, the number of clubs and teams.

Unfortunately, space in the building remains the same. In order to avoid conflicts, club advisors, coaches and committee leaders can use IceWarp Calendaring to make sure that the space they need is available for use. They can then use IceWarp to book the space.

Coordination between Club Members

Sometimes club members are unclear of their responsibilities and deadlines.

IceWarp's Task and Calendaring features ensure that everyone remains on the same page. When are theater rehearsals? Where is the Dance Club meeting on Thursday? What time is the varsity football team supposed to meet on the field?

IceWarp keeps coaches and club advisors connected to one another and to their members.

Accomplish Group Objectives

Club advisors know that the biggest threats to fulfilling objectives are a lack of communication and the obstacles that prevent effective monitoring. And the school will pay the price if deadlines are not met. A theater production will not be ready on opening night, the yearbook publisher will charge significant late fees if pages are not submitted on time. Unfortunately, there is no end to the price a school will pay for maintaining uncoordinated extracurricular activities.

With IceWarp, the club advisor can establish an activity calendar, assign and monitor tasks, and maintain a library of information that is valuable to members.


Download a FREE 30-day fully functional trial of the revolutionary IceWarp Server right now. It only takes 5 minutes to install and can be tested in a fully operational mode on your desktop, production server -- even your laptop.