IceWarp and K-12 Schools

Why Schools Choose IceWarp Server

An antiquated solution is no solution at all. However, many schools are saddled with an old, limited system that can handle neither the load nor new tasks. The modern era in Messaging requires a platform that is reliable, powerful, versatile, and rich with features.

The Education sector is beginning to realize that it needs more. That's why nearly 10,000 schools and universities have turned to IceWarp Server. Not only can this premium Messaging platform handle today's tasks -- it is designed to handle tomorrow's tasks with equal ease.

In addition, it is filled with all the features that a school can need. If email communication is your school's main priority, IceWarp Server can handle the load reliably and efficiently. If your school needs a superior groupware package, IceWarp GroupWare offers all the essential tools, including Tasks, Notes, Journals, Calendaring, and Shared Files.

And since IceWarp Server provides you with the means to manage and access all of your vital information, it also ensures that the information remains safe and secure. Dynamic Anti Spam and Anti Virus technologies guard your system against the most determined attacks, and you can rest easy that all communication ports will remain locked down.

Given all of this, it's remarkable that IceWarp Server also boasts ease of management. Teachers and students will quickly adjust to the system's logical, intuitive design, even if they do not have much experience in computing.

Finally, one would expect IceWarp Server to be a costly proposition. It's not. In fact, it is extremely budget savvy -- which is both an asset and a necessity for many schools in these fiscally lean times.

Your entire school community will love IceWarp Server.

  • Teachers will love how it revolutionizes the classroom
  • Students will awaken to the new dimension brought into the coursework
  • School administrators will finally have the tools to communicate effectively with the faculty and to keep on top of the full schedule of school activities

These are easy claims to make, because nearly 10,000 schools already enjoy IceWarp Server.

IceWarp & Teachers

Teachers are extremely busy. They must manage multiple tasks simultaneously while delivering the very best education to students.

IceWarp Server provides teachers with the ability to perform that miracle.

With IceWarp Server, teachers will:

  • Motivate students
  • Maintain classroom management
  • Organize growing student data
  • Incorporate portfolio assessment
  • Implement effective Cooperative Learning
  • Develop Individualized Instruction
  • Keep tabs on student progress
  • Develop the curriculum
  • Provide students with a library of resources
  • Communicate with administrators, collegues, students and parents
  • Keep on top of a growing list of tasks
  • Coordinate a complicated schedule

This is all possible because IceWarp Server is feature-rich, powerful and flexible. And it is so easy to manage, that teachers can use it directly in the active classroom.

However, teachers are not tied to the classroom, because IceWarp Server gives them full 24x7 access to all of their resources.

Education truly is becoming an anywhere/anytime mission.

IceWarp & Administrators

School administrators juggle a host of tasks, making it feel like the work will never get done. However, IceWarp Server offers the liberation they need.

With IceWarp Server,

  • Communication with faculty and staff is enabled
  • Information is organized
  • The schedule of school activities is easily accessed
  • The once intimidating workload actually becomes manageable

And in the meantime, all of the school's sensitive data remains safe and secure.

IceWarp & Students

The demands on students are intensifying. Their world is becoming more competitive, more is expected of them, and academic success is all the more crucial. Even still, it seems that many schools have yet to bring the classroom fully into the 21st Century.

Students may have access to computers, but do they have access to safe, secure and reliable Messaging? Are they given the tools to effectively engage in Cooperative Learning, and can they access important classroom information anywhere/anytime?

IceWarp Server provides all the tools that K-12 students need for academic success. By developing essential skills and acquiring vital information, your students will carry their achievement into college and society at large.

This Messaging platform has the ability to animate their creative imagination. It has the capacity to connect them with one another, with their teachers, with the global community, and ultimately, with their own potential.

Prepare your students.

These are more than mere claims. Here's how IceWarp Server gives students the power to leverage success:

  • Students will experience genuine success in Collaborative Learning
  • Students will be able to globally teleconference through VoIP
  • Students will be able to develop portfolio work
  • Students will benefit from Individualized Instruction
  • Students will remain organized with personal and teacher-created Tasks
  • Students will stay on top of deadlines and other important dates with Calendaring
  • Students will be able to access valuable resources 24x7
  • Students will remain in contact with their teachers


Download a FREE 30-day fully functional trial of the revolutionary IceWarp Server right now. It only takes 5 minutes to install and can be tested in a fully operational mode on your desktop, production server -- even your laptop.