IceWarp and Universities

Why Universities Choose IceWarp Server

For almost a decade, IceWarp Server has brought nearly 10,000 schools and universities into the 21st Century. It's a revolutionary Messaging system that enables faculty, administrators and students to leverage the tools necessary for success.

Designed to be a premium Messaging platform that boasts security, reliability, power, flexibility and a full complement of features -- IceWarp Server is also profoundly easy to manage and is budget savvy.

  • Faculty members love how it revolutionizes the classroom
  • Students awaken to the new dimension brought into coursework
  • University administrators finally have the tools to communicate effectively with the faculty and to keep on top of the full schedule of departmental and campus-wide activities

What Can IceWarp Server Do?

IceWarp is capable of handling a wide range of tasks -- but at its core, it enables people to communicate, coordinate, stay informed and create.




Biggest Benefits:

eMail Server

Secure email Messaging

Security, Reliability, High Performance, Unlimited Domains, Special Account Types, One-Click Backup & Restore, Powerful Archiving, Easy Management.


Remote email Communication

Anywhere/Anytime Access, dynamic Web 2.0 Technologies, High Performance, GroupWare Integration, Customizable.


Sharing Information, Coordination, Collaboration

Tasks, Calendaring, Notes, Contacts, Journals. Professors can upload information important to students. Students can upload coursework and other documentation.

IM Server

Secure Messaging

Secure SSL, 28-bit encryption, GroupWare Integration, Individual Message History, Server Message Archive, Complete IM and SMTP Integration.


Voice Communication via Internet; Campus Security

Secure, Strong Academic Value, Cost Efficient,

Anti Spam

System Security

Offline & Online Protection, Zero-Hour Defense, Near 100 % Accuracy in Spam Identification

Anti Virus

System Security

Uses Avast, Incremental Updates, Script Blocking, Compressed Files Scanning, Attachment Stripping.


IceWarp & Professors

University professors have their hands full. They must deliver the material in a meaningful way, and provide for student mastery. Every year, more and more universities turn to IceWarp Server for help.

With IceWarp Server, professors succeed in all the key areas:

  • Students become motivated
  • Classrooms come alive with a new dimension in learning
  • Essential resources become available anywhere/anytime
  • Student data can finally be organized properly
  • Portfolio assessment becomes manageable
  • True Cooperative Learning is enabled
  • Personalized attention becomes possible
  • Effective communication with students is established
  • Curricula and units of instruction can be developed
  • Professors can provide students with a full library of information
  • Instructional tasks can be managed and committed to a calendar
  • A complicated schedule can be coordinated

This is made possible because IceWarp Server is feature-rich, powerful, easy to manage and flexible. Yet it is also extremely budget savvy.

IceWarp & Administrators

University administrators juggle a host of tasks -- and sometimes it seems like the work will never get done.

With IceWarp Server, communication with faculty and staff is enabled, information is organized, the schedule of university activities is accessible -- and ultimately, the work becomes manageable.

In the meantime, all of the university's sensitive data remains safe and secure with IceWarp Anti Spam LIVE, IceWarp Anti Virus, and IceWarp's vital protection of all communication ports.

IceWarp & Students

College students face challenges they never imagined -- and many are overwhelmed. Academic requirements are intensifying, competition is increasing, and the digital era is always changing the bar.

However, students are more likely to rise to the challenge if they are given the tools they need.

IceWarp Server can enable your students in the following ways:

  • Students will collaborate with GroupWare
  • Students will be able to globally teleconference through VoIP
  • Students will be able to develop portfolio work in Personal Files
  • Students will remain organized with personal and professor-generated Tasks
  • Students will remain on schedule with Calendaring
  • Students will be able to access valuable resources 24x7 via WebMail with GroupWare
  • Students will remain in contact with their professors via WebMail


Download a FREE 30-day fully functional trial of the revolutionary IceWarp Server right now. It only takes 5 minutes to install and can be tested in a fully operational mode on your desktop, production server -- even your laptop.