Additional Benefits

Ease of Use

IceWarp Server is the most logical, intuitive, and easy to navigate platform on the market -- making it the choice of many administrators, professors and students.

Regardless of their experience with technology, users will quickly adapt and begin to leverage the enormous potential of IceWarp Server.

Freedom from Advertisers

Not only are advertisements an online nuisance -- the content is often inappropriate for students. IceWarp offers a Messaging center that is free of advertising.

Students will communicate with one another and with their professors, safe from questionable business marketing.

Protection from Online Predators

When students avoid websites that provide alternative email accounts, they are protected from the message forums and blogs frequently found there.

In IceWarp's Messaging hub, students will be in the company of one another, and will be safe from predators.


Download a FREE 30-day fully functional trial of the revolutionary IceWarp Server right now. It only takes 5 minutes to install and can be tested in a fully operational mode on your desktop, production server -- even your laptop.