IceWarp Secure Instant Message

IceWarp Instant Message provides secure communication between individuals that is even more immediate than email.

Secure SSL, 28-bit encryption, GroupWare Integration, Individual Message History, Server Message Archive, Complete IM and SMTP Integration.


IceWarp Instant Message is secured with SSL and 28-bit encryption.

GroupWare Integration


Feature Rich

With IceWarp Instant Message, users can be notified of incoming emails, administrators can be alerted of server status, and with GroupWare, anyone can display entries in Shared Calendars. The integrated IM Server maximizes features while strictly adhering to policies enforced by the university administrator.

Complete IM & SMTP Integration

IM to Email and e-mail to IM Capability

With IM integration into SMTP the users have the ability to not only send e-mail using the IM client of their choice but can also receive notifications from the server. Sending e-mail through IM allows the user to quickly send messages out to anyone without opening any cumbersome client.

Content filters can be configured for notification purposes and can be set to send a IM message to any recipient as well as a e-mail message. This ensures the user will receive the notification at any location


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