IceWarp Brings VoIP to Class

By facilitating voice communication in universities, IceWarp enhances education, provides campus security, and offers a cost-efficient alternative to traditional voice services.

What is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) enables users to send voice calls over the Internet. IceWarp Server facilitates this technology seamlessly -- providing universities with the means to leverage value, security, and academic excellence.

Universities are discovering how VoIP communication can profoundly improve the university community.

VoIP at a Glance

VoIP in the Classroom:

  • Students will be able to teleconference with others around the globe
  • Teaching methodologies are made more dynamic, as professors move away from traditional lecture in favor of student-driven learning
  • Students will be actively engaged and are more likely to succeed

VoIP on Campus:

  • Campus security will be strengthened because faculty and staff members will be able to immediately report suspicious activity

VoIP in the hands of the University Administrator:

  • Communication with faculty and staff is improved
  • Cost Management is enabled

Cost Efficiency Made Clear


IceWarp Solution:

Many universities require faculty to be accessible not only in their offices, but while they are traveling around the campus.

However, mandating and regularizing use of cell phones by faculty and staff can often be difficult, given the cost.

VoIP communication is typically less expensive than costs incurred by cell phone carriers

Students living on campus need voice services, which is usually expensive.

Providing dormitory students with VoIP communication lessens the total tuition cost , which adds to the attractiveness of the university.

Universities sometimes consider expanding the network of traditional voice lines throughout the campus. However, that is often an expensive proposition.

Since VoIP communication is wireless, the university can use existing hubs to enable VoIP’s wireless connectivity.


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