IceWarp for Enterprise

The stakes are larger than ever before - so your enterprise must be guaranteed astonishing uptime. Its data must remain secure, its messaging must be reliable, secure and stable, and its infrastructure depends upon smooth, seamless scalability.

IceWarp Server will leverage all of this for your venture, and you will join a number of Fortune 500 companies that trust IceWarp Server for being the most comprehensive messaging solution on the market.

Regardless of your industry, IceWarp Server will help you achieve and maintain the competitive advantage. In fact, 100,000 successful businesses and institutions, across multiple industries and representing over 50 million end users, currently use IceWarp Server.

Furthermore, IceWarp Server provides an unparalleled TCO. It is the most cost-effective solution on the market, from initial deployment through a lifetime of system administration.

IceWarp Server Provides:

  • Reliable Scalability - IceWarp Server scales gracefully, keeping pace with as your enterprise experiences amazing growth.
  • Impressive Port Security - IceWarp Server will protect your enterprise's infrastructure with powerful data encryption and decryption, password catching, denial of service defenses, anti-bombing defenses, anti-spoofing defenses, anti-relaying defenses, and intrusion defense.
  • Robust Email Encryption - Sensitive and proprietary information is protected by personal certificates. Your business's data will remain secure, from point to point.
  • Radical Protection with Anti Spam LIVE Service - Your company can expect 98 percent accuracy in spam identification from Commtouch's radical real-time antispam technology, which is bundled into IceWarp Anti Spam LIVE.
  • Advanced Anti Virus Protection - Avast! is one of the most respected antivirus engines on the market. This multi-threaded solution by Alwil Software ensures low latency to traffic, leverages both heuristic- and signature-based technologies, is ICSA-certified and is regularly awarded VB100% by Virus Bulletin.
  • One-Click Backup & Restore - IceWarp was the first messaging solution on the market to offer a backup & recovery option with the click of a single button. If your system crashes for any reason, the data can be reconstituted easily, quickly, and with minimal downtime.
  • Multiple Load Balancing Scenarios - IceWarp Server supports many load balancing setups, providing data centers with progressive stability, flexibility, efficiency and maximum uptime.
  • Dynamic, Secure and Stable WebMail, with Instant Messaging Integration - Based upon the latest technologies, IceWarp WebMail remains the best solution on the market. IceWarp WebMail's design is highly intuitive and logical, ensuring that users turn to it for anywhere, anytime access.
  • Fully Integrated GroupWare - IceWarp Groupware provides users with anywhere-anytime access to their important information. In addition, GroupWare enables information, coordination and collaboration between individuals and workgroups.
  • Advanced Mobility - IceWarp Server frees business professionals from the office with not only WebMail, GroupWare and Instant Messaging - but also with a well-engineered, well-designed iPhone interface and via Exchange ActiveSync.
  • Easy Administration through API - System administration is made easier with IceWarp's API. With IceWarp's API tool.exe, the data center can universally manage multiple domains, accounts, groups and users.
  • Easy Migration through IceWarp's Universal Migration Tool - For close to a decade, data centers have been migrating to IceWarp Server simply, quickly, with no downtime and no disruption to traffic. This includes accounts, passwords, and mailboxes.
  • Other Modules and Features, Including - CalDAV server, SyncML, Web Server, FTP Server, VoIP, and SMS Gateway.

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