Dual Anti-Spam Protection

To help organizations reclaim control of their their inbox IceWarp AntiSpam is the first Antispam product to incorporate dual-protection technology, utilizing both offline and LIVE online technology*. With Spam now reaching 90 billion messages per day on the Internet, and accounting for more than 70% of all email traffic, IceWarp's multi-layer architecture provides you with the most comprehensive spam protection system currently available on the market.

The Spam assault on the inbox will increase to 82% of all Internet email traffic by 2011 according to the Radicati Group. To combat this trend, IceWarp has developed the IceWarp Anti-Spam LIVE Service (Live Identification and Verification Engine) Service to bring IceWarp's Antispam identification to near perfect accuracy as spam far surpasses unmanageable levels.

It is estimated that spam accounts for roughly two thirds of all corporate email traffic – adding cost, complexity in management, increasing security risks and introducing one of the most well hidden Trojan horses to organizations today – lack of productivity.

* Anti-Spam LIVE service subscription is an optional add-on to IceWarp Anti-Spam.

Cutting Edge Technology

IceWarp Anti-Spam is the most advanced system of it's kind today and is capable of near-perfect Spam identification accuracy. IceWarp's Automated Spam Definition Update Technology provides timely transparent updates to rules, signatures and even the core engine to ensure seamless response to the ever-adapting spamming methods.

IceWarp Antispam provides:

  • 95% accuracy on average, 99% with Anti-Spam LIVE Service
  • Low false positives rate
  • 20+ technologies: SpamAssassin, Bayesian, RBL, URIBL/SURBL...
  • AutoUpdates
  • Multiple spam management scenarios
  • Manual, semi-automatic, user-driven processing
  • Multiple spam actions: reject, delete, quarantine, tag, sort
  • Detailed logging, header reports, effectivity statistics

Anti-Spam LIVE Service Highlights

The New Anti-Spam LIVE Service is a real-time LIVE service that enhances IceWarp's current high accuracy rate of the 20+ existing technologies with zero hour identification of spam outbreaks, phishing attacks and unknown viruses. It increases spam detection accuracy while decreasing false positives.

Spam reports work in any email client. The IceWarp Anti-Spam LIVE Service fully integrates the Commtouch (NASDAQ:CTCH) engine using RPD technology to provide additional classification for emails marked with a medium score by the IceWarp Anti-Spam engine.


With the IceWarp Antispam LIVE Service you get:

  • Double Anti-Spam Protection
  • Double Anti-Virus Protection
  • 100% efficiency out of the box
  • Maintenance free service subscription
  • Language, format and content agnostic
  • Real-time, zero-hour response to spam&virus outbreaks
  • Extra protection against all email-borne security threats

Heuristic Processing

Processing flowchart shows some of the Anti-Spam subsystems The processing flow charts above outline the sophiticated internal logic and processing behind the IceWarp Antispam LIVE Service. The modular design ensures that the system can adapt rapidly to emerging spam tactics.


To significantly reduce false positive identification without decreasing Anti-Spam efficiency, email from unknown senders that the IceWarp Antispam system cannot clearly identify as Spam can be quarantined for manual review and processing by end users. End users have full access to their own quarantine folder, allowing them to inspect and whitelist any messages incorrectly tagged as spam, thus ensuring that sender's email will bypass any Spam analysis in the future and be delivered directly to the recipient's inbox. Semi-automatic processing is also possible via the use of Challenge Response - senders of quarantined messages will receive an email notification that their email has been delivered to the recipient's inbox and allowing them to manually authorize themselves by comleting a short challenge / response confirmation.


The quarantine service provides:

  • Daily quarantine reports by email
  • Details shown include Subject, From, Date/Time
  • Works with any HTML capable email client
  • Not message but sender based
  • Actions/Voting links to Authorize sender, Delete or one-time Deliver messages
  • Users can manage and inspect Quarantine from WebMail
  • Semi-automatic management with Challenge Response
  • Messages left in quarantine are deleted on schedule
  • Authorized senders won't be tagged/challenged ever again

Automatic Whitelisting

Automated Whitelisting is a powerful tool that ensures messages from legitimate business contacts that you communicate with will never be tagged as spam. The recipient of any email manually sent by a user on the IceWarp Server will automaticaly be added to the whitelist thus eliminating the fear of losing critical messages from those you communicate with.


IceWarp Automatic White Listing Provides

  • Guaranteed delivery of email to the inbox for those you have emailed
  • Sender self authorization via Challenge Response
  • End user or Administrator authorization management via Quarantine
  • WebMail Address Book and shared Outlook contacts
  • Automatic authorization of Jabber IDs from Instant Messaging client
  • Ability to drag and drop emails to the Whitelist Filter folder in WebMail
  • Ability to whiltelist by sending an email to a special white-list email address

Any email from an address that is found in the whitelist bypasses all Spam filtering and is delivered direclty to the user's inbox.

100% spam-free email with minimal effort is finally possible.

Integration Benefits

  • Multi-layer protection: from core protocol to the end-user level
  • Single point for administration and maintenance
  • No integration necessary, works immediately
  • Low-cost alternative to filtering appliances
  • MDA processing filters thousands of messages without degredation of delivery times
  • Customizable to specific languages and individual needs
  • AutoWhitelisting capability not possible with middleware products