Anti-Spam LIVE Service

The IceWarp Anti-spam LIVE Service is the first dual protection Anti-spam solution on the market. IceWarp Anti-spam LIVE (Live Identification and Verification Engine) is multi-layer – incorporating the existing power of the Standard IceWarp Anti-spam Engine and the new IceWarp Anti-Spam LIVE Service to bring Spam identification to near-perfect levels.

IceWarp Anti-spam LIVE provides zero hour outbreak protection to stop Spam the minute outbreaks occur and provides an additional level of accuracy insurance to ensure that system identification accuracy will never fall below unacceptable levels even if the system is improperly configured at the administrator level.

How it works

Standard Off-Line IceWarp Anti-Spam Protection Architecture

IceWarp Anti-Spam Diagram.
Incoming email is evaluated by IceWarp's various anti-spam engines and an email score is calculated. The summarized score from all of the engines determines the likelyhood that it is valid or Spam email.
  • Emails with a low Spam score are delivered o the user's Inbox.
  • Emails with medium score are delivered to spam folder.
  • False positive emails in the Spam box can be moved by the sender via challenge-response automated confirmation to the inbox, otherwise Spam emails are auto-deleted after a user-specified number of days.
  • Emails with extremely hight scores are considred "confirmed spam" and deleted or rejected

IceWarp Anti-Spam LIVE Service

In order to increase IceWarp's current Antispam identification to near perfect levels, the optional IceWarp Anti-spam LIVE Online Service has been integrated with the IceWarp Anti-spam Standard offline engine to form what is the first ever Dual Protection Anti-spam System on the market.

The Anti-Spam LIVE service fully integrates and utilizes Commtouch (NASDAQ:CTCH) technology to provide an additional level of analysis to the IceWarp Anti-spam Standard engine. This new combination of Offline calculation and Online LIVE zero hour detection provides a dual layer of protection capable near-perfect spam identification.

IceWarp Anti-Spam Live Service Diagram.
  • IceWarp Antispam LIVE submits patterns to the Real-Time Detection Center which returns, in real time, a response of genuine, probably spam, or confirmed spam from known Spam sources.
  • The result is integrated into IceWarp's Spam score calculation resulting in even higher spam detection accuracy.

Efficient Resource Utilization is at the core of IceWarp Anti-Spam LIVE. IceWarp LIVE queries the real-time detection center only when Antispam Standard engine requests additional analysis to more accuratey determine if communication is valid or Spam.

Rather than evaluating the content of messages, RPD (Recurring Pattern Detection) analyzes large volumes of Internet traffic in real-time via a network of servers around the world which report back to the real-time detection center. New outbreaks are immediately identified by their massive distribution patterns as soon as they emerge (hence the name Recurrent Patetrn Detection). This is method is very effective against mass spammers, phishing attacks and "textless" spam such as image spam (an email with a single image as it's content).

The result of this combination of technology is:

  • Increased spam accuracy detection
  • Increased end-user prodictivity
  • Increased security
  • Decreased false positives
  • Decreased administration overhead
  • Decreased storage requirements by rejecting validated Spam.

Anti-Spam LIVE Service Benefits

  • Additional Layer for Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Protection
  • 100% efficiency out of the box
  • Increased overall system performance
  • Maintenance free service subscription
  • Immediate to Bayesian loopholes, misspelled keywords, HTML cloaking
  • Doesn't dependent on spam source IPs, mostly short-lived botnets
  • Works for language-diversified spam distribution
  • Deals with malware, exploits, counterfeit URLs and other threats
  • Protects against new types (audio spam) and new spamming methods
  • Addresses phishing, spoofing, social engineering methods
  • Language, format and content agnostic

Anti-Spam LIVE Service Licensing

IceWarp Anti-Spam LIVE Service License is optional add-on license to the regular Anti-Spam License.

Each new TRIAL installation of IceWarp Mail Server includes 30 days evaluation of the Anti-Spam Live Service.

If you are existing user of the IceWarp Anti-Spam Clik here for Free Trial Anti-Spam LIVE service request.