Desktop Replacement

In IceWarp we realize that most of today's applications are web-centric and browser is the interface of choice for most on-line activities, both at home and in the office. Therefore WebMail Pro, building upon the best of Web 2.0 designs, takes great leaps forward with each version, adding features, improving usability, integrating with other services, ultimately becoming the single interface for all your communication needs.

One streamlined interface for all the daily tasks.

Drag & Drop, Context Menus
Messages can be moved/copied by dragging to a folder. Black or whitelist senders by dropping them on the Filter folders. Create GroupWare objects with email attachments by drag & drop or chain GroupWare items with each other and send them by email with a few mouseclicks. Right-clicking any item shows possible actions in a dynamic context menu.
  • Move/copy message or selection
  • Send GroupWare items attached
  • Context menu shows item actions
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Widescreen Mode

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With a mouse-click you can toggle between vertical and two-column viewing mode, which shows email body in a separate column to the right of the message list, just like in Outlook. Very handy for widescreen displays. Saves scrolling with long emails and simplifies management of overwhelming mailboxes. User can freely resize the message column to see more mailbox info or more email content, which gets neatly reformatted to fill the allocated area.
  • Separate settings for folders
  • Freely resizable columns
  • One-click toggle
  • Great for 16:9 displays

Free/Busy Scheduling
Plan and schedule meetings with colleagues by actually seeing when each attendee is free or busy with other events. Simply add a contact from address book or type email address, the calendar view will immediately update- then drag your event to the free area. If compared to Outlook it's almost like a copy and even better- you can look into future, let's say 6 months and it will still work. Allows to check resource availability, such as availability of meeting rooms or company cars. Full integration with iMIP invitation management further automates the event planning and resource booking process.
  • No configuration
  • Infinite free/busy status
  • Integrated with iMIP invitations
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  • Resource availability
  • Local GroupWare or remote VFREEBUSY server lookup

iMIP/iTIP Invitation Management
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  • Connects with outside users
  • Office Outlook, Mozilla Lightning compatible
  • Integrates with Free/Busy scheduling
Collaboratively plan, arrange and manage events, meetings and resources, by the means of email invitations without anybody actually typing any email. Organizer creates an event and invitation is sent to all attendees. iMIP/iTIP format ensures compatibility even with users outside the organizations and various client applications, such as Office Outlook, Mozilla Lightning and other. Attendees accept or decline the invitation by clicking a button, as a feedback to organizer, who can reschedule the meeting and inform others about changes.
  • Organizer, Attendee roles
  • Event, Task, Journal invitations

RSS/Atom Feed Reader
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) denotes a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated content such as blog entries, news headlines, stock quotes or podcasts. An RSS feed contains either a summary of content from an associated web site or the full text. Feeds make it possible to pipe updates of the content to feed readers or aggregators, allowing users to keep up with updates in an automated manner.
Atom is an alternative feed syndication format adopted as IETF Proposed Standard.
  • Color flags, nested folders, move/delete
  • Sync on login/schedule
  • Server-collected feeds
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  • Built-in feed aggregator
  • RSS 2.0, Atom compatible

Embedded Objects Handling
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  • RFC822, S/MIME compatible
  • Reply visualization (HTML + >>)
HTML email display is preferred for messages that include the rich text part, showing tables, images, inline links, allowing to wrap naturally on any display, change font styles and typefaces. Attached images can be previewed at the end of the message. Previous messages are set apart in block quotes, automatically added to all replies as simple quotes or colored bar for rich text emails. Emails forwarded as attachment (.eml files) can be opened in a new window to show the original email intact. Winmail.dat attachments produced by MS Outlook are translated to real attached files transparently.
  • HTML, embedded image, wrap around
  • Attached images preview
  • TNEF parsing- decodes winmail.dat

Multiple Accounts & Personalities
Personalities are useful when several aliases exist for the same account. By defining a From: name and alias email address user can impersonate separate identities for emailing friends, colleagues, or business partners, with the correspondence still delivered to the same mailbox. Several users can access common mailbox and have their messages sorted to folders with the use of "plus addressing", such as On the other hand, multiple accounts can be accessed from the same interface under single login.
  • Choose an account alias
  • Receive all replies to 1 mailbox
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  • Plus addressing sorts to folders
  • Multiple accounts under single login

VoIP Integration
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  • Incoming/Outgoing/Missed call log
  • Hidden if service unavailable
Thanks to the unique call-back feature of the VoIP SIP Server, users can place calls directly from the WebMail Pro interface, by typing the ID or conveniently selecting a name from address book. After hitting the Dial button, the phone will ring when the call is already placed. Mo plugins or drivers required, no proprietary communication protocols between device and application. Call is established by the server and redirected to your default VoIP number. Complete call log is available showing call status, date, time and duration. Log entries can be instantly redialed.
  • Dial VoIP numbers/aliases
  • Dial from Contacts, History, Log
  • Session history

Professional Composer
Composing an email starts from typing a few first letters of the recipient's address or name and letting the auto-suggestion feature offer items from address book and recently entered addresses to select from. There's a rich text composer allowing to create stylish looking messages, add tables or highlight important parts. Full text search allows to lookup previous emails on a given subject and open them in separate windows for copy paste actions or quick reference, minimizing to right-hand dock those not in use. Advanced users can displaying or edit the HTML source directly. Options for each message include spell checker language, save to Sent folder, read confirmation request, encrypt, sign, set priority, personality, Reply-To address and charset.
  • Open emails in new windows
  • Full text search
  • Large emails (100MB+)
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  • Auto-suggestion: Contacts, History
  • Rich text composer
  • HTML source display/edit

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  • The same settings anywhere
  • Pop-up reminders
  • Multiple languages
There are more little things that make up for desktop-like convenience and improved usability. With virtual cookies, the interface reflects the same settings from any computer, after login the user lands exactly where he/she logged out. Calendars, contacts and other data backup saves precious information for any case or allows export/import migration from other applications. Pop-up reminders are opened in the same window, alerting the user about an event even if pop-ups are disabled in the browser. Translation to many languages for the fastest learning curve and accessibility compliance via browser page zoom controls will make it everyone's favorite interface for mail management.
  • Native browser zoom Ctrl +/-
  • Import/export GroupWare data
    (CSV, vCard, LDIF, XML)