What's New in 9.3

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Release History
Version Release Date Changelog Release Notes
9.4.0 2008-12-19 What's New in 9.4.0 Download the latest release notes archive
9.3.1 2008-08-06 What's New in 9.3.1
9.2.1 2008-04-18 What's New in 9.2
9.1.0 2007-09-17 What's New in 9.1
9.0.0 2007-08-04 What's New in 9.0


Webmail: WebMail PDA iPhone skin.
Groupware: Nokia Push: automatic synchronization of contacts/events/tasks/notes with over-the-air configuration from Administration GUI.
SIP: VoIP compatible with Windows Mobile and Nokia built-in SIP clients.
System: Built-in Log Analyzer with 4 months free preview.
Spam: Anti Spam LIVE available on Linux.
Webmail: WebMail Pro full Safari 3.0 and Mac keystrokes support.
Groupware: Internet Calendars allow scheduling across server and other groupware platforms.
Webmail: WebMail Pro dynamic gatagrid- Allows smooth scrolling through large mail boxes.
Webmail: New PHP 5.2.6 FastCGI multi-process engine with automatic PHP recovery for rock-solid web applications.
Security: SSL Tunnel with trusted CA certificate validation for encrypting any server-to-server communication (VPN replacement) and user WebMail connections (peer CA validation).
Webmail: WebMail Pro update- Full Support for Firefox 3.0.

Administration GUI

Password Policy: Password Expiration Notify users x days before expiration with custom message.
Services: Startup mode support added for (Automatic, Manual) setting.
LDAP: Check for availability of information is performed before synchronization starts. Correct information about synchronization results are displayed and a log file is produced and displayed with the connection data.
Remote Accounts: POP and IMAP remote account rules added.
ETRN: Domain, User, Pass separate fields support added.
Schedule dialog: Extended to allow scheduling of monthly events.
POP3 accounts: New rules actions added for Move/Copy To folder.
Rules: Send message option - HTML and system command variables support added.
Mailing list: System variables added- final recipient/member variables used for each sent out message. This allows you to use %%recipient%% and similar variables containing the member information when sending a mailer out.
Spam folder reports: Report engine URL can be entered in Spam folder reports sheet. The ability to run debug mode in web browser from GUI added.
SMTP Service: "Maximum SMTP client recipients" can be overridden for specific target domains.
Remote Watchdog: Active checkbox added.
Remote Account: "Active" checkbox added allowing temporary disabling of remote account.
Mail Archive: "Delete now" button added, logging capabilities extended.
Mail Archive: "Do not archive spam" option added. No spam will be archived any longer with this option enabled.
User Options: "User can send mail to local domains only" option.
Sessions: WebMail support added, displays all webmail sessions, Kill session implemented.
Status: Traffic charts updated, added Save To File (exports chart to jpeg) support.
Status: Volume charts and information updated, added Save To File (exports Account Statistics, Traffic Charts, Volume chart to jpeg) support.
Statistics: Sessions - All items support added, displays all services sessions.
Antispam: Learning Rules - Settings File button added, to allow configuration changes directly.
System: All MCB files created/exported to ZIP format.
Remote Config: Information box after TCP error specifies a recent change might effect the remote connection, such as port or IP change while in remote session.
SMTP Route: Sender authentication defaults to On.
API: Command - tool display system * (wildcard) will display all system variables and their values. Works with account, domain, service, and system calls as well.
Server Test Tool: Possibility to specify pause between connections.
System: CTRL+S keyboard shortcut saves user and domain system settings.
System: Database selection dialogs for GroupWare and Antispam work with SQLite while using load balancing paths. Ability to use SQLite when load balancing.
System: Access Mode renamed to Mode.
Quarantine: Local users mode- moved to the Antispam-General-Other tab and items renamed.
Spam: Whitelist Mode renamed to Anti-Spam Mode and moved to the Antispam-General-Other tab.
Spam: Auto whitelist trusted email addresses to database renamed to Auto whitelist trusted email recipients to database.

Mail Server Engine

Directory Cache: wave mode- Dynamic storage change when using account mailbox limits. Now possible to collect limits on the fly. Will greatly speed up busy servers employing mailbox limits.
IMAP - SUBSCRIBE/UNSUBSCRIBE/LSUB: Completely rewritten, subscriptions kept in subscribed.dat file and when LSUB is issued only that file is parsed. If a user has thousands of folders LSUB will take 10ms or less. Backwards compatibility preserved.
SSL Tunnel: CA verification, peer CA file, provides rich Status/Sessions monitoring, serious security level, a replacement for a VPN system, possibility to secure protocols such as VNC, RDP, NetBios.
Service: IP Address binding - Verify peer certificate- Allows to secure a specific Merak service, e.g. WebMail- create a client certificate for each user and send them the client cert, then on merak, create a new Control service binding and request a peer certificate verifiation- either specify a special CA file or use the ones in the general CA certificates of merak.
Forward: Rules and mailbox limits applied to internal delivery. Move to/Copy to folder, mark as spam and other rules actions will be applied no matter how the message was delivered (SMTP, Forward, Domain postmaster alias,etc.).
SMTP: SMTP handles mixed responses (4xx vs. 2xx) in a session, temporary errors retried later and successful sessions delivered immediately.
SMTP Routing: New dialog and new flags were added as requested, you can create routing rules based on a new flag "Sender must be authenticated".
ATRN: Authentication updated, client session updated to remember HELO/EHLO response, ATRN server to client logging updated.
Spam: whitelisting via learning rules- If processing folder of particular user, that user is set as the owner of whitelist item; when processing general folders, To: field is parsed and whitelist item is added for each recipient in local domain.
System: SMTP Dedupe updated to work with all account types.
Remote Server Watchdog: Information about service checks now written into log file.
DB: Oracle syntax fixed by replacing "'' with NULL.
System: System backup, Mail archive backup - Information is sent to system administrator if any backup fails.
System: Mail for disabled users is not delivered to any mailbox, even if forwarding of unknown accounts is enabled.
System: IDP supports adding zip files to non zip files (self-extracting .exe used by setup).
System: IDP/ZIP engine- updated to support files larger than 4GB (large backups), supports UTF-8.
System: IDP tool - new options - exclude files, include hidden and system files, compression type, delete files from archive.
Security: OpenSSL 0.9.8h now used.

Web Server

Webmail: New PHP 5.2.6 FastCGI- Complete multi-process solution with settings in webserver.dat.
Webmail: ISAPI - PHP 500 error recovery- Checks if PHP has failed and if so the control service is restarted.
Webmail: ISAPI - Data 500 check feature implemented, web service settings updated, requires manual edit.
Webmail: URL security /../ updated, checked in the local path for PathDelim .. PathDelim (platform independent), URLEncoded attacks safe.
Webmail: webserver.dat index.php - default document support added.

Log Analyzer

System: Newly added for customer preview.
System: Importer integrated in the GUI.
System: Free evaluation until the end of November 2008.


Internet Calendars: http://server/calendar/?john@doe, returns .ics file content which can be used in Outlook 2007 and other clients supporting it.
SSL certificate: can be assigned to GW service, SSL port can not be entered.
DB System: SQL logging to debug DB statements- 2 new variables allow logging of all SQL traffic to a file which can be later analyzed. C_System_SQLLogPath and C_System_SQLLogType (applies to groupware, accounts and antispam).

Webmail Pro

Safari 3.0: (Mac/Windows) officially supported.
Firefox 3.0: (Mac/Win/Linux) officially supported.
Loading Time: faster loading time in Explorer 6.
Dynamic datagrid: replaces the original paging system, smooth scrolling through all lists.
WebMail PDA: now available in WebMail Pro with a plain interface based on HTML, not AJAX.
WebMail PDA iPhone skin: dedicated skin for iPhone with extra features- home and contacts.
Mac-specific keystrokes: now properly implemented (Command, Ctrl, Backspace).
Distribution List: can now send email to Distribution List through context menu.
Server Activity Icon: now available.
Department column: added into contact list with Company/Department sorting.
Print: layouts for printing improved (Cc, attachments).
SQL Statements: Admin Settings- General Server. New option "Use collation in SQL statements" now available.
Webmail Window: position and size memory now available as an option Options - Admin Options window.

FTP Server

FTP synchronization: now uses zlib compression if supported by remote server.
Large Files: now compatible with UTF-8 and large files (INT64).
Unknown MODE: new error implements -504 unknown mode- .

Anti-Spam LIVE

Non Spam: option is now available to decrease the score for non-spam.
Services: ctasd now managed from -System Services- in the console.
Linux version: now available also on Linux.
Logging: errors now written to the Anti-Spam log.


OEM installer: new Avast OEM installer.
Mirror URL: custom Mirror URL field added.


Web Client Service: SASL, SESSION, BIND, mutual subscription- for Psi and Coccinella client support (voip and whiteboard), this is all to prepare for WebMail IM.
Server Subscribe: support for SUBSCRIBE for the local server (request not passed to user agent).
All Gateways: automatically reconnect after unwanted disconnection.
All Gateways: properly send contacts to offline when closing.
All Gateways: perform login operation in background, to not delay primary login to Jabber.


Windows Mobile 6: native client support, strict router support.
SIP gateways: 407 Proxy Requires Authentication, realm updated to the original realm of the sender (not the one of the gateway), fixes Windows Mobile Internal Calling and Nokia VoIP over SIP gateways.

SyncML Push

Synthesis, Funambol and Nokia Push: now supported.
SMS Config: now using OTA/OMA standards.
Sony Ericsson: remote configure for regular SyncML now available.
SSL mode: now available.
GUI update: sync URL dialog now available.
Dialogs: smart dialogs now available.


Compatibility now added: Sony Ericsson, Motorola.

Migration Tool

IMAP remote subscribed folders: will now be subscribed to locally during migration (LSUB and SUBSCRIBE used).


Modifications to setup.exe: now in self-extracting IDP ZIP format. It contains the zip archive inside and can be renamed to setup.zip. Allows files to be easily managed (delete, add, replace). Works with windows native ZIP support, WinZip and Total Commander.
Anti-virus install: installs Anti-Virus only if needed, moves files instead of copying etc. (faster)
Error logging: implements the use of error logging and logs errors to setup.log.
Uninstall.exe: when run without parameters triggers uninstallation.
Custom SSL Cert: use of the wizard can create custom SSL certificates that will replace the preinstalled certifacate with a custom one, generated using the details from the setup (admin email, domain, host etc.).
Anti-spam: request for Anti-Spam update is sent after finishing the installation.
Upgrade: wizards, ASpell and custom data overwrite previously installed versions when upgrading.
Snmp-mib.txt: installed to doc directory.
info.xml: file from root of install package is taken into account in all-containing exe installer.


Demo Period: support for enabling demo period after upgrade when new Merak modules are added.
Demo license: for Anti-Spam LIVE and Log Analyzer renewed after upgrade from versions older than 9.3.