What's New in 9.1

IceWarp Server release 9.1 comes with language pack, improves usability of WebMail Pro, introduces presence logging to IM Server, fixes issues with connections to GoogleTalk and server-to-server communication in IM and SIP Server.
Reported bugs in WebAdmin have been addressed, along with several minor issues across the system. Anti-Spam features new statistics logging and a special rule to combat tokenized spam.
Apart of redesigned web server access control and FTP path permissions, there are more improvements like IP address resolution for simplified management via Administration GUI- it can run in emulation under X in Linux, with the Linux version being now even more stable and cutting-edge.
Major changes are under the hood: SQL database engine support via PDO, SyncML 1.2, PHP mailparse method, even more Unicode, IMAP internaldate and flags migration.

Release History
Version Release Date Changelog Release Notes
9.2.1 2008-04-18 What's New in 9.2 Download the latest release notes archive
9.1.0 2007-09-17 What's New in 9.1
9.0.0 2007-08-04 What's New in 9.0

WebMail Pro

Settings in Administration GUI
Drag & Drop (Copy/Move, WL/BL, GroupWare attachments)
Auto Suggestion in Mail Composer with History
Holidays Support and Management
Cache DB Support - mySql, ODBC-MS SQL, SQLite
Full Text Search
Last IP and Time
Import / Export - CSV, vCard, LDIF
Anti-Spam Settings
Folder Info (selected/total)
Other Accounts
Password Expiration
Various Fixes

Administration GUI

IP Address Resolution
Archivation of a Subset of Domains/Accounts
Rules and Content Filters - Active Checkbox and Mutliselect
Account Statistics Enhanced
Export of Multiple Accounts/Domains
Mailing List - Allowed Subscribers
Group - Member Can Post Only Option
Browse for IMAP Public Folder
More Unicode


Anti-Spam - Misc tab - SMTP callback verification
Mail Service - Security - Advanced - Perform a greeting delay
New SA Rule for Tokenized Words
SpamAssassin Rule Statistics

Instant Messaging

DNS SRV Checking
Presence History

SIP Server

DNS SRV Checking
Gateway Handling of Contact Header
Volume and Packet Statistics
RTP Pair Logging


SQLite as Default GroupWare Storage
Firebird Storage Support
Holidays for WebMail Pro

SyncML Server

SyncML 1.2 (OMA DS) Support
Backup Storage
Service Logging

FTP Server

Enhanced Path Permissions

Web Server

HTTP Access Control
HTTP Access - Account Integration
Virtual Hosts Support String Masks

API, Tool

VALIDATE command
DBConvertStorage function

Server Migration

IMAP Message Properties Handling


Language Pack


System Engine
Emulated Administration GUI