What's New in 9.2

IceWarp Server version 9.2 is another milestone release introducing brand new modules, services and functionalities. Mobile services include the long anticipated Push technology, improved SyncML Server and unprecedented SMS integration.

Anti-Spam protection can now reach up to 100% detection efficiency without any trade-off in accuracy, using Anti-Spam LIVE on-line service. LIVE also brings extra layer of protection to Anti-Virus filter, and is effective against any type of email-borne malware.

IceWarp Server has come a long way in support of the growing Macintosh community: Macs with Leopard can now run WebMail in Safari, email from Mail, use iCal for time management and advanced owners of iPhone can download one of the pre-release SyncML clients for this platform.

Administrators of large networks will appreciate Outlook Connector AutoUpdate for unattended deployment of new versions, or the ability to authenticate against Domain Controller instead of requiring the user to enter the mail server password.
The list goes on, with improvements in literally every module there is.

Release History
Version Release Date Changelog Release Notes
9.3.1 2008-08-06 What's New in 9.3.1 Download the latest release notes archive
9.2.1 2008-04-18 What's New in 9.2
9.1.0 2007-09-17 What's New in 9.1
9.0.0 2007-08-04 What's New in 9.0

WebMail Pro

VoIP integration
Embedded objects handling
Open email in new window
Display/edit HTML source
Auto delete Trash
Large email support (200MB+)
Free/Busy planning
Send GroupWare items as email
RSS/Atom feed reader
Reply indication
Wide-screen mode (horizontal view)
Safari 3.1 support
Opera 9.26 experimental support
Localized attachment names in IE
iMIP/iTIP meeting management
TNEF parsing- winmail.dat
Browser Cache control
Speed optimizations and bug fixes
Updated to PHP 5.2.5


Anti-Spam LIVE Service
Detailed Anti-Spam statistics
Spam reports compatibility
Whitelists/Blacklists on domain level
New spamassassin rulesets

Mail Server Engine

Load Balancing - Master/Slave mode
Distributed Domain verification logging
Mailing list/group rights inheritance
More mailing lists features
IMAP Auto Mailbox UID recovery
IMAP Remote accounts error responses
IMAP ACL Access Control
Directory Server sync supports general LDAP server
LDAP fully native, bind v2 support
New Rules/CF action
Rules/CF action Move to folder
New Rules/CF condition
Rule title returned in parameters
Web/Control-SMTP cross-service monitoring
Remote Server Watchdog for RSS local caching
php.user.ini file is appended to php.ini
ZIP compression of DAT, MCB and IDP files
XML-RPC updated
IPv6 support enhancements
SSL Secured Destinations CA new behavior
SOCKS proxy server
Server Traffic Test: UDP streams
int64 files and data types
SNMP, SQLite, OpenSSL updated

Administration GUI

Create Certificate Signature Request dialog
DB Dialog usability redesign
Delete account data button in GroupWare
Account Statistics - Mailbox Quota
IMAP Public account- select the mailbox to integrate with
Flags control added to SMTP Route dialog
Webmail - Active checkbox added
Queues - SMS Message queue, MDA queue
Logging - SMS Gateway, SyncML Push, PHP error log, LDAP log
New keyboard shortcuts in editor
Remote connection version check
Double-clicking FTP, GW and IM sessions opens the log

GroupWare Server

GroupWare ACL Access Control List
Holidays in daily email reports
Timezones, Daylight and Standard time proper handling
vCalendar and vTodo meeting scheduling
Reminders consider event exceptions
New Versit/SIF objects
Connector update URL

Outlook Connector

AutoUpdate for unattended deployment
Password-less Windows Identity SID authentication
Count of synchronized items displayed
Black/White list management

CalDAV Server

Compatibility with iCal 3 (Mac OS X Leopard)
Timezones proper handling
Synchronize Contacts with Mozilla Thunderbird

Mobile Services

SMS Server (Technology Preview)
SyncML SMS Push (Technology Primer)
Sony-Ericsson, Synthesis clients support
DES encryption support for Funambol
Mail filters
Backup/restore sync modes
New internal management of sync types

Instant Messaging

ICQ Gateway major update
MSN Gateway vastly updated
AOL Gateway updated
Yahoo Gateway updated
Gateway reconnect support
Presence logging continues after reconnect
Default vs. Active Privacy lists behavior changed
IM Service Access implemented
Bytestreams protocol support and new proxy service

FTP Server

IPv6 support
XMD5 integrity check
FXP (File Exchange Protocol) support
Directory listing and permission handling improved
Session statistics display

Web Server

URI Rewrite rules polished
Large POST requests handling
URLdecode support added
Max connections processing
Web site disabled checkbox added

SIP Server

Minor improvements
Call logs and Statistics
Force Contact: expires= header support

Server Migration

IMAP Migration doesn't modify read flags
Migration mode is followed for Remote account query

Unicode (UTF-8) Support

LDAP fully in UTF-8
Content Filters rewritten for full Unicode support
Account and domain expiration strings
Dnsquery.exe utility converted to Unicode
FTP adds complete support of UTF-8
IM Server ICQ and MSN gateways support UTF8
Setup localization strings converted to Unicode
Administration GUI localization strings etc
WebMail Pro: Invalid UTF-8 characters replace


Demo accounts are an optional add-on
Setupfirst.dat behaviour


Big development, debugging and tweaking
merakd service
SQLite DB is installed and configured as default
Red Hat Enterprise Linux