IceWarp Business Consulting Group


Plan - Design - Build - Migrate - Launch - Manage

If you require a solution that goes beyond our Enterprise Managed Services, consider our Business Consulting Group. IceWarp Business Consulting Group is prepared to assist you with strategy, planning, building, migration, launch and ongoing support and maintenance.

This division of IceWarp includes some of the brightest minds in the industry, including project managers, developers, integrators and engineers, who will work in tandem with your company on a highly customized messaging solution, tailored to its specific needs.

The services of IceWarp's Business Consulting Group include:

  • Design and Planning of your Communications Architecture
  • Installation and Migration Services
  • Configuration and Set-up Assistance
  • Targeted Training of your Staff
  • Comprehensive Administrative Workshop Training


Infrastructure Services: A messaging infrastructure needs to be efficient, scalable, flexible and reliable. For many companies today, this is not easily accomplished. However, IceWarp engineers are messaging experts and know precisely how to manage a system to meet even the most demanding specifications.

  • They will analyze your current legacy system and requirements - then plan and implement the most robust messaging architecture technologically possible, while meeting current standards.
  • They will work with you to design and implement a streamlined messaging infrastructure that dramatically limits impact to business continuity.


Whether you need to extend or replace an existing network, employ better security, add superior mobility, or optimize collaboration and coordination through groupware, IceWarp can organized, deploy and fully manage the solution.

System Integration: Perhaps your organization has specific messaging needs. Whether you require an MTA as the backbone of an existing application, or you are planning a new product or service and need design assistance, IceWarp's engineers can help.

Our system integrators are consummate professionals that understand not only messaging technologies, but how businesses need to deploy and manage them.


For more information, please call Sales at 1.888.ICEWARP.