IceWarp Support Services Overview


IceWarp has a broad array of customers from SOHO to Enterprise and an equally broad array of support options to select from. See IceWarp Support Comparison Matrix.

Free Email Support

Every licensed copy of IceWarp Server comes with free email support during business hours for the term of the license. The term is extended upon renewal and at the point of upgrade. Once you submit a ticket with our experienced support engineers, we guarantee a response within 48 hours. See

Those seeking a more radical support solution should consider one of our support contracts.

Support Contracts -- for SMBs and Enterprises

Each business has its unique characteristics, challenges, needs and interests. Therefore, IceWarp has designed a series of comprehensive support programs, giving you optimal control over the services you receive and a handle on your budget.

Whether your venture will do fine with IceWarp's free email-only support, or requires our fully implemented and managed systems program, IceWarp will accommodate your needs; simply choose from our long line of specialized plans.

Our Support Contracts provide an unbeatable TCO

IceWarp's Support Contracts are designed to promote a Total Cost of Ownership that is unparalleled in the industry. In these lean economic times, this quality is not only attractive, it's essential.

The power of IceWarp Server combined with our premium, flexible support program is the leverage you need to achieve the competitive advantage.


For more information, please call Sales at 1.888.ICEWARP.